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Have to start somewhere, some time

October 12, 2008

After many years of reading blogs and even a short trial I feel like it is now time to start properly. I find myself surrounded by people who get some value either from writing or reading them. Well, maybe that is not quite true, but at least some of my friends and colleagues do.  And many of my clients (teachers, educators, students) blog, so joining in does make it easier to understand better some of their needs.

I am also becoming more interested in documenting my thoughts for the sake of revisiting and building on them, a sort of journal to help me build on earlier thoughts. A new job (senior manager in the e-learning or ICT in education domain), new family developments and a circle of influence that has grown quickly all create pressures and doing what I have previously done is unlikely to deliver different results.

One challenge is the work vs. personal aspects. What is appropriate for a public servant to write, especially when much will be work related? (I have read the guidelines).

I guess I will just start and feel my way forward, a little like walking in the dark in a strange room. Easy to start off safely and grow as I gain experience. So, Sunday evening after a restful weekend and I am on my way.