Open, free, freedom

Two months ago I discovered the Capetown Open Education Declaration and loved it. Wayne Macintosh, the founder of WikiEducator was sharing at e-FEST 2008 about the merits of open approaches to education. The topic was captivating and I found myself spending many hours reading around the web for more related information. It represents much of what I believe about education, even things I may not have expressed before. Would my employer ever be a signatory to a declaration such as this?

Another presentation was on the New Zealand Creative Commons work, following on from years of pioneering work in America and elsewhere. Years ago I started seeing the CC symbol appear in readings and web resources, but now there is an local site for use by NZ creators. Within a week I found myself publishing an interoperability specification under the Attribution-Share Alike (BY-SA) license and I had started!

A few weeks later I found myself at the second New Zealand Open Source Awards in Wellington. Words like free and open were used often. Again, a body of literature and philosophy to read, discuss and debate.
So, when saying that our MLE and MLE work will be open I mean: freely available; transparent; with the minimum of rights imposed; able to be taken, used and altered by anyone.  

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